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Tips for Correct Replacement of a Damaged or Lost Garage Door Remote Control

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When you install an electric garage door, you enjoy the perks the system comes with, including remote control. No longer do you need to get out of your car and open the garage door physically. All you have to do is trigger your remote control, and it sends the desired command to the garage door opener. However, garage remote controls can get lost or damaged, and when that happens, you need to replace it. Here are a few tips to ensure you handle a garage remote replacement the right way.

Document Garage Door Information -- Every garage door opener manufacturer ensures they include details such as model number and name of the manufacturer on both the remote control and the opener. However, most homeowners don't know where to get the information when they lose or damage their remote controls, and this often leads to challenges in finding the right replacement. Therefore, you must document the details of your remote control in a diary since it comes in handy when you need a replacement. All you have to do is mention the model number of the remote control to the manufacturer or supplier.

Universal Remote Controls Have Limits -- While it is advisable to replace your lost remote control with a like-for-like device, it is not mandatory. Universal garage remote controls exist, and they offer a reprieve to homeowners that cannot easily reach a manufacturer or supplier. The best attribute about universal garage remote controls is that they are programmed for use with different garage opener brands. However, that doesn't mean that any universal garage remote control is programmable with your garage door opener. The reason is that each universal remote control works with a set range of garage door openers. Therefore, you must confirm whether the universal remote control you want to buy as a replacement is compatible with your garage door opener.

Upgrade the Replacement -- Garage door remote controls have multiple buttons depending on the number of devices you wish to control. It is very critical because it allows you an opportunity to upgrade your remote control. For instance, if your damaged remote control had two buttons for controlling the garage door and the garage light, you might want to upgrade the remote to a three-button remote control. It is especially the case if you have two garages and want to connect each to the remote control. Even if you do not have a second garage door, upgrading the replacement remote control prepares you for future upgrades or scalability.