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Key Factors That Determine the Choice of a Commercial Locksmith

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The security of a business premises hinges on its security system. For instance, if your offices have a weak lock system, your business becomes an easy target for criminal activity. On the other hand, a robust lock system keeps burglars away. Nonetheless, business owners need the services of a commercial locksmith at some point. Unfortunately, commercial locksmiths do not offer the same services; hence, knowing who to call when you need assistance is essential. This article highlights factors that help choose the right commercial locksmith services.

Security Level of Locks

The type of business you run should guide the security level of locks. For instance, businesses dealing in expensive jewellery are considered high risk. As such, their doors and safes require high-level security locks to mitigate losses through burglaries. Conversely, a store selling second-hand house items is low risk and requires low-level security locks offering basic protection. It is crucial to understand that commercial locksmiths have varying accreditation levels, dictating the types of locks they can handle. For instance, commercial locksmiths with a certified master locksmith (CML) license are proficient in electronic lock systems. In contrast, a certified registered locksmith (CRL) is only well-versed in traditional locks. Since a jewellery store is likely to have an electronic lock system, you should call a CML.

Service Urgency

Can repairs or installation of your lock system wait until the following morning or week? Your answer helps choose a suitable commercial locksmith. For instance, if an employee progresses and they had a key to the front door, you would be naïve to let the weekend pass before calling a locksmith. A disgruntled worker only needs a few hours to steal critical assets if they want to. In such cases, an emergency commercial locksmith will help rekey your locks to maintain security. However, if a door leads to a common area not considered high risk, the lock can wait a couple of days or hours before calling a locksmith.

Insurance Coverage

Insuring a business against burglary is a necessary action for any serious owner. Notably, some burglary insurance policies cover the loss or damage caused by burglaries as well as the cost of repairing or installing locks. If you have such a cover, then you will most likely work with an insurer-recommended commercial locksmith. However, if a burglary policy excludes the cost of lock repairs and installations, then you can hire an independent service provider. Whichever is the case, you receive the same quality of service as long as a commercial locksmith is professional.

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