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3 Key Tips for Improving Your Commercial Locks

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If you are concerned about security in your commercial space, you should plan on improving your locking systems. In general, the most vulnerable points in business premises are the doors. Therefore, reliable locks are essential for preventing the entry of malicious intruders. Moreover, they will ensure that there is good access control to minimise the exposure of sensitive materials to unauthorised persons, including employees. Here are some simple tips to get you started on boosting the performance of your commercial door locks.

Plan for Maintenance

Locks tend to deteriorate over time due to constant use and exposure to unfavourable environmental conditions. If these components are abandoned in this state, they will not function as expected. You might notice problems like jamming or sticking during operation. Also, a worn-out lock will be more susceptible to picking. Therefore, you should plan on conducting maintenance to prevent the degradation of locks. For instance, it is advisable to clean the system regularly and lubricate internal components.

Replace Your Old Locks

If your commercial locks are old, you should plan for replacement. It is advisable not to wait until these units fail before taking action. Otherwise, your office will be vulnerable during that period, and an intruder could break in and take advantage of the weakness. There are numerous types of locks to consider when securing your business premises. However, the most beneficial is the electronic or digital commercial lock.

This type of locking system will help you advance your access control measures. Consequently, you will be able to guard against both external and internal threats. In general, these locks utilise personal identification numbers or cards. A unique PIN or card will help you keep track of the movement in the business space. An additional benefit of this system is the ability to revoke the use of old codes or cards if an incident occurs.

Consider Using Master Keys

If you are not interested in using a digital lock, you will need to manage your physical keys with care. Otherwise, they might be easily misplaced or stolen, leaving your commercial space open to an attack. One of the reasons that commercial keys might be lost is the inefficient keeping of multiple pieces for different parts of the building. If a key goes missing, one might not even notice. Therefore, it is advisable to consider having a master key set for the different locks for convenience and safety. If you are uncertain about the possibility of rekeying your locks, consult a commercial locksmith