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5 Features of the Best Access Control Systems

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Different access control systems are designed to address the needs of different users. However, some features stand out as desirable for all companies that are shopping for an access control system. This article discusses some of those must-have features. 

Unlimited Scalability

A good access control system should not only be capable of meeting your current needs. That system should be flexible enough for you to scale it up as your business grows or evolves. That scalability should be possible without causing any major disruptions to the functionality of the access control system.

Hardware Compatibility

The best access control system for you should also have components that are compatible with the hardware of the other access control systems which you may be interested in. This will enable you to acquire different hardware components from any vendor without having to get rid of all the hardware that you previously owned. Avoid installing an access control system whose proprietary hardware cannot be used with the hardware from other providers.

Remote Administration

It is desirable to have an access control system whose administrator can control that system from anywhere. Such a capability is helpful when the credentials of the people who can use the system have to be changed urgently, such as after the system has been breached. The remote control can allow the administrator to change the codes of the system or revoke the access rights of specific users who are deemed to pose a security threat.

Cyber Security

Most access control systems today rely on the internet for some of their functionality, such as storing data on the usage of the system. That internet access can create some system vulnerabilities, such as the risk of hackers compromising the network. A good system should, therefore, have robust mechanisms to deter the most common cybersecurity threats, such as hacking.

Reporting Attributes

It is also good for you to install an access control system that can provide you with a variety of reports about the different aspects of the system. For example, you may wish to know how many people have accessed a certain section of the building in the past month or how many unauthorised attempts have been made to access a restricted area. Such reports can help you as you audit your security systems to institute stronger safeguards.

Take as much time as possible when you are shopping for an access control system. Contact many vendors and compare the features of their systems so that you selected the one that is most suited to your interests.