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What To Consider When Choosing A Gun Safe

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If you own guns at your premises, be it at work or at home, having a gun safe to store them in is very important. A gun safe helps to keep the guns from falling into the wrong hands, whether those of children or burglars. As you go around looking at gun safes, it is important to evaluate a few options that are vital when choosing your ideal safe:

What safety features does it have?

A gun safe is only as good as the technology that has been used to make it. Generally, safes with more innovation are better because they are less likely to be broken into. They will also offer your better peace of mind after you've put your guns in them. Some of the most important safety features to look out for include:

  • What material is the safe made of?
  • Can the safe be drilled into or cut with a saw?
  • How many locking points does it have?
  • Does the safe have any exposed hinges that can be opened using force?
  • Does the safe use a single key, multiple keys, an electronic lock or a combination of all?
  • Is the safe fireproof?

How many guns can it hold?

Another important factor to consider is the number of guns your safe can hold. This information usually comes with the safe description, so you will know about it outright. Note that if you plan to buy more guns in future, you should plan on investing in a large safe at once. This will save you from having to buy a larger gun safe a few months down the line. Also make sure your safe has allocations where you can store smaller handguns and ammunition. Most gun safes will have a smaller internal safe for this.

How big is it?

The size of your gun safe matters as well. It determines whether the safe is portable, whether you can accommodate it in your premises, where you're able to store it, and if you'll be able to conceal it from view. As such, you should only get a gun safe that you can accommodate in your premises. Note that large gun safes weigh a lot and may need special considerations before being installed, e.g. first installing a metal or concrete base.

How will you store it?

Last but not least, think about how you will store the safe even before you purchase it. Will you bolt it to the floor? Will you conceal it in a wall or floor? Will you leave it exposed? Bulky safes need not be bolted down as they cannot be moved easily. The location of your safe is just as important as the safe itself. Think of locations where not many have access to it.

Once done, you can browse around for gun safes on sale and pick a unit that meets your needs in terms of size and security. For more information, contact a company like Askwith Company.