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3 Myths About Car Transponder Keys

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Transponder keys refer to car keys that start a car after sending a signal to a chip installed in the ignition system. Unfortunately, it is difficult to start the car once the transponder key malfunctions. Many myths abound about how transponder keys work. This article discusses three of those myths. Use this information to better understand your transponder system and avoid being misled by the myths circulated by people who have a limited understanding of how transponder keys work.

Myth 1: You Can Only Have One Transponder Key

People erroneously assume that a car can only recognise one transponder key. This may not be true. Carmakers design transponder modules that can recognise a given number of keys during the useful life of the transponder module. For instance, the module may have the ability to recognise a dozen codes. This means that you can have multiple keys that are programmed to start your car. You can also have another key programmed if you lose the one you have. The module may have to be reprogrammed in case you exhaust that finite number of possible codes. You should ask a locksmith to check how many available codes a used car still has before you buy it.

Myth 2: Only the Carmaker Can Program Transponder Keys

This myth assumes that all transponder keys are installed by the carmaker. However, aftermarket transponder systems also exist. This means that anyone with the correct software used to install a transponder chip can reprogramme it when the need arises (such as when you misplace your car key). You should contact a 24 hour locksmith for advice about the best way to have the chip reprogrammed.

Myth 3: A New Key Must Be Made Each Time an Old Key Stops Working

Another common myth is that one must order for a replacement key if the current one is no longer synchronised with the chip in the ignition system. This myth leads people to spend needless amounts of money on replacement keys. It is possible to create a new code for an old key if the transponder is undamaged. The new code will make the old key do the work that a new key would have done.

As you can see, it may not always be easy to separate fact from myth. The best course of action that you can take when the transponder key of your car develops problems is to contact an emergency auto locksmith. He or she will check your car and recommend the most appropriate way out of that situation.