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Why a Homeowner Should Never Install Their Own Security Door or Deadbolts

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A thick and rugged security door and heavy-duty deadbolts can go a long way toward keeping your home secure. No matter what other security features you add to your home, if the entryway to your house is not solid and secure, burglars and intruders may easily get inside with just a swift kick to the door.

However, there are some very good reasons why you shouldn't install your own security door or deadbolts to your home's entryway and should instead call a locksmith to have this work done. For the sake of your home's security, read on to find out why that is.

1. Installing deadbolts

While a deadbolt can be very secure against home invaders, if it's poor quality and not installed properly, then it may become pointless. A thin deadbolt made of a lightweight material may be affordable, but a locksmith can help you choose one that is strong enough and thick enough to withstand the force of a good swift kick. They will also know to install it properly so that the bolt itself slides into the hole in the doorframe properly so the deadbolt is secure; if the bolt cannot slide into the hole in the doorframe completely, it will not withstand the weight of a kick or other force.

Note too that a strike plate should also be installed; this is a plate that gets screwed into the doorframe and which keeps the hole for the bolt secure. Without this plate and without it being screwed right into the studs in the wall, the doorframe or wall around the deadbolt can splinter if kicked in, and the door can then be opened. A locksmith will know how to install all these parts of a deadbolt properly in order to ensure it works as it should.

2. Installing security doors

Like deadbolts, getting a lightweight security door can mean saving money but might also mean compromising on quality. A locksmith can help you determine the right material for the door and also determine if you should invest in a new doorframe as well. If you attach a security door to an old doorframe, the weight may cause damage, and the frame itself might buckle and splinter if someone were to try to kick it open. It's also important that a new security door be installed properly; if it's off-center, it may not be as secure as you assume.