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Choosing the Ideal Deadbolt for Residential Doors

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A secure lock is essential for all residential doors that can give access into the interior spaces. Therefore, it is vital for you to evaluate the diverse locking products in the market before purchasing the best replacement to install. One of the best choices for homes is the deadbolt lock. This product uses a locking mechanism which prevents access of the door without the right key to rotate the internal components. It is an advantageous choice because the configuration is resistant to picking. However, you should note that all deadbolts in the market are not homogenous, so they will not offer the same level of security. Low-quality fabrication materials, internal defects and inferior designs can lower the efficiency. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best deadbolt for your home.


Deadbolts are made from different materials, so you can choose a product that suits your budget, preference and security needs. Steel is a popular choice among homeowners because the metal is hard and resilient. It cannot be broken easily with a hacksaw or mechanical impact. However, the material is vulnerable to rust so you should buy deadbolts which are plated with resistant finishes such as chrome or aluminium. Stainless steel is a relatively expensive alternative, but it is resistant to corrosion.  Brass deadbolts are not as popular because the material is softer and can be compromised with the right tools.

Deadbolt Throw

The throw in a deadbolt refers to the length of the material which extends from the lock after locking the door. It is important to ensure that this element is long enough to extend into the door frame. If the bolt is short, an intruder can use their weigh or a crowbar to force the door open. The installation requirements for this type of secure deadbolt can be more demanding, but it will keep you safe.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is a point of vulnerability in a deadbolt lockset. Basically, this is the component which will be attached to your door frame during installation. Ideally, if a burglar can dislodge the strike plate from its position, the door will open very easily. You should look for a lockset with a steel strike plate because it can withstand force. This should be secured with long screws which penetrate the door frame or wall deeply, enhancing your home's security.

You should also consider choosing a double cylinder deadbolt over a single cylinder alternative. This latter requires the key for both sides of the lock, so it is more secure. For more information, contact a business such as High Security Locksmiths.